It’s hard to believe that the seasons are changing again already…and that spring is a thing that is HAPPENING! We have it easy over here in Southern California, but we also have plenty of friends and family throughout the country (Boulder! Indianapolis! NYC!) who are pretty stoked right about now to finally put the snow aside.


In anticipation of that, we created a little toast of sorts to celebrate all things light and airy. :)



You know him. The start up guy/girl. The early-adopter wiz-kid who knew all the right people in Silicon Valley to launch his best selling app and is now  fodder for Tech Crunch, Inc, and Entreprenuer Magazine.


Great! Now go tell that person and tell that person to tell that persons friends that we are now their go-to designers for San Francisco start-ups.


That’s right! Caitlin & Caitlin start up edition is here and after having so much fun designing the headquarters of our latest tech client in San Fran, we are super excited to make more friends with the Zuckerbergs of the world!


Here’s 3 reasons and 5 photos why:


1. They appreciate design and details.




2. They like our fun ideas, like using hanging chairs!



3. They live and die by clean and tailored. Which is the last word in our book too.



Photography by the lovely and talented Dagi Cueppers


A few days after Valentines Day, we thought we’d share our love letter to the propellants or our partnership. Here it is: our DECORATION DECLARATION. Because a life in design is more than a vocation, it’s a love affair.



We were thrilled to have C. McCarthy’s bedroom featured on The Effortless Chic this morning with a full interview about the space and beautiful photographs taken by the lovely and talented Mary Costa!


See the images below and head over to The Effortless Chic for the full scoop!





It’s been awhile since we’ve written a proper post (oops…!) but we’ve been swamped with SO many new projects over here, including a big one that we’ll be debuting in the spring! So, stay tuned for that. :)


In the throes of it all, we’ve had to say farewell to one of our favorite extracurriculars–writing for The Effortless Chic. Check out our last post here on one of our current design crushes!


We’re so excited to share new developments with you in the coming months! Meanwhile…we leave you with this thought. It’s totally working for us.





Hello friends! We’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from LIHH to focus on other exciting design ventures (stay tuned!) and to do a bit of vacationing to celebrate a year in business (much appreciated!).


Still, we can’t resist the inspiration all around us as we bounce through Sydney, reminisce on 2013 and muse over what’s to come this year. In that vein, check out our latest guest post for The Effortless Chic!


Here’s to the most stylish 365 days yet!



The Bucket List  in Bondi Beach



This week for The Effortless Chic, we gave readers a first look at the 2014 Color of the Year, “Radiant Orchid”. Cruise of over the Jen Pinkston’s blog to take a look at our post and see our favorite finds in the current color, or see excerpts below:



Pantone nails it again with color of the year announcement for 2014! Drumroll please… It’s “Radiant Orchid”. Selecting this brilliant hue for next years “it” color was genius. Naming it “Radiant Orchid”, on the other hand, was a little passé. It reminds us (Caitlin + Caitlin) of the shimmery purple lip gloss we wore during Y2K and one and a half decades isn’t long enough to make anything about that style ironically cool. Nevertheless, we are stoked to geek out on this full-bodied tint all year long! In fact, we’ve been drooling over the purple family for months now. For one thing, it pairs really well with current color of the year, “Emerald”. Other colors to play with are pale yellow, dark purple, and red!



  • Change it up with small accessories, like flatware or frames, to make a bold statement
  • Paint the wood of your most recent flea market find in the color de l’année
  • Try peel able wallpaper for dramatic change without a drastic commitment
  • We love using faceted tables as night stands for an unexpected spike of color
  • Radiant orchid tinted lucite is oh so chic all year long
  • This color throws down, try a rug in this hue if you don’t believe us!


It’s not snowing in California, but it may very well snow in Colorado and Indiana next week which is where C+C will be splitting up to celebrate Christmas with family.


Snowball fights are an iconic holiday tradition for children, but adults can enjoy the playful nature of tightly packed snow too. What’s more beautiful than a perfectly round white sparkling globe? Nothing really!


Coming at you are our favorite snowball inspired accessories…duck!

1. Bocci Light | 2. Poodle Pouf | 3. Globe Candle | 4. Sphere Ice Mold | 5. Bel-Air Bowl



No matter how finished you think your place may be, there’s always room to play with new ideas for a fresh, updated look.


Case in point, the entry. Since it’s usually only visited when you and guests arrive and leave, there’s a huge opportunity for visual impact, without overwhelming the entire home.


This week, we’ll be taking a look at C. McCarthy’s entry. We’re transforming it with a dark coat of paint and some line detailing inspired by our favorite wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa.



Here’s before and after:




Stay tuned for the final result!